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Assorted Chaps
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from Mutton Busters, Steer Riders
Thru Pro BullRiders
& Rodeo Royalty "MRA"
Pick Up Chaps, Drill Teams
We make them all

PICTURE #1-16-3
Custom Name Chaps
Name in Stars
PICTURE #2-16-3
Miss Rodeo Oklahoma Teen
Custom Rodeo Chaps
PICTURE #3-16-3
OK Traveling Chaps
MORT 2016
Namme in Stars on Hip
Custom Design
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Royalty Chaps & Spurs
Custom Design Chaps
~Belt~ 2nd Pic
Oklahoma Teem & Miss Rodeo Florida
Traveling Chaps
All Events
MRF&MROT 2nd Pic
PICTURE #4-16-3
Brent Clay Chaps
SPBR World Champion
PICTURE #5-16-3
Custom TETWP Chaps
New Ribbon Chaps
PICTURE #6-16-3
Changeable Fringe Chaps
& Changeable Plaque
SPBR Bull Riding Chaps
Both Custom Chaps
Brent & Creg
Custom Rodeo Queen Chaps TETWP
Custom Ribbon Chaps
Ribbons 2ndPic
Changeable Fringe, Rodeo Queen Chaps
any Color Fringe
& Mix 2ndPic
PICTURE #7-16-3
Youth Rodeo Chaps
Body Cut Chaps
PICTURE #8-16-3
Custom Spurs
Flames & Band
PICTURE #9-16-3
Youth Rodeo Chaps
Tooled Yoke Vest
Oglala Rodeo Queen Chaps
2 Color Body Cut
Rodeo Chaps

Rodeo Spurs
Flames & Brand
Custom Spurs
Custom America Hat Sponsor Chaps
Sponsor Chaps"
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PICTURE #10-16-3
Youth Rodeo Chaps
Custom 1/2 Body's
PICTURE #11-16-3
Jr Miss Dixie National
Custom Chaps
PICTURE #12-16-3
Rodeo Royalty Chaps
Full 3 Color
 Mutton Bustin Chaps
Mutton Buston Chaps
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Jr Miss Dixie National Chaps
HO South West
Black&White 2ndPic
 Rodeo Chaps
Name&3 Color Chaps
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PICTURE #13-16-3
Rodeo Queen Chaps
Filagree Tooled
PICTURE #14-16-3
Rodeo PickUp Chaps
3 Pocket Design
PICTURE #15-16-3
Rodeo Queen Chaps
Filigree Toole
Rodeo Queen Chaps
Waist/Cross/Edging/Plaque Filigree Tooled
 Rodeo PickUp Chaps, Custom Design Chaps
Pick Up Chaps
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Rodeo Queen Chaps
Rodeo Queen Chaps
Scollop Design
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PICTURE #16-16-3
Mutton Bustin Chaps
PICTURE #17-16-3
Custom Brand Briefcase
PICTURE #18-16-3
Bullriding Chaps
Mutton Bustin Chaps,
Filagree Chaps
Tooled/Name Vest
Custom Briefcase withBrandAll Custom Design
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Autograph/Briefcase Page
Flag Bullriding Chaps ,American Flag Design
with Sponsor Name